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The Luminator™

The Luminator™

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A long-term and better solution to shaving and expensive hair treatment.

The Luminator™ permanently removes hair, creating cleaner skin without razor bumps and saving money that would be used for waxing. It provides the same results but in a painless process.

🏠 Permanent hair removal in the comfort of your home  The Luminator™ permanently removes hair using IPL technology (Intense Pulse Light), preventing ingrown hairs, creating a clean and soft skin without razor bumps.

💖 Safe to use, painless and suitable for every body part The Luminator™ utilizes advanced IPL light based technology that targets the hair follicles removing it from the root, providing a painless and safe experience for all areas of the body, including armpits and private parts.
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💵 Save money and time Save money and time by eliminating the need for shaving, waxing, or purchasing expensive hair removal treatments.

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