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Glostick Tooth Gloss

Glostick Tooth Gloss

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The instant whitening wand.

Glostik is an iridescent dental gloss created to swiftly enhance the whiteness and radiance of your teeth, providing a flawless, picture-ready brilliance. Transform your smile within moments, ensuring you're gorgeous at all times.


    🦷How does Glostik work.

    Much like lip gloss, tooth gloss operates through light reflection to enhance the brightness of your teeth, granting your smile the radiance it merits. The pearlescent gloss formula, when applied to your teeth, delivers an immediate brightening effect.

    🌟Your smile's finishing touch.

    Discover the perfect final touch for any appearance with Smile kit's Glostik. When you use Glostik, your smile instantly comes to life, exuding a white, glossy radiance.

    💎A step over lip gloss.

    A single stroke of the instant brightening wand bestows your smile with an abundance to adore, akin to a red carpet radiance. Infuse vitality, vibrancy, and luminosity into your smile using Glostik.

    How and when should i use glostik.

    Before application, ensure teeth are completely dry. Gently apply a fine coat of Glostik from the upper to the lower portion of each tooth, employing smooth, uninterrupted strokes. After covering all teeth, close your mouth to evenly distribute the product across them. Feel free to reapply Glostik whenever necessary, and use it as frequently as you like. It's ideal for quick touch-ups while on the move and preparing for special occasions!

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